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Katrina Brought Enduring Changes to New Orleans

A decade after Hurricane Katrina brought New Orleans to the brink of death, the city has come back strong. When… Read More »

8/28/2015 | Read Story »

How New Orleans Built a Bustling Tech Hub in Katrina’s Wake

BRENT MCCROSSEN LEFT New Orleans for Seattle in September of 1998, part of enormous “brain drain” that hit the city… Read More »

8/28/2015 | Read Story »

Private sector needs to invest in New Orleans

Ten years ago this week, I, like many Americans, was stunned by the news coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. The… Read More »

8/28/2015 | Read Story »

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is vibrant but wary

NEW ORLEANS — David Herzenberg is back in the city he once called home — back to the place that… Read More »

8/28/2015 | Read Story »

New Orleans’ economy: recovering from a “heart attack”

After Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, Michael Hecht decided to relocate his family from New York City to the Southern… Read More »

8/28/2015 | Read Story »

Business groups to hold forum for governor candidates next week

The four leading candidates for Louisiana governor will participate in another forum in New Orleans next week organized by the… Read More »

8/27/2015 | Read Story »

New Orleans Economy Is Booming With Businesses And Talent

To know New Orleans is to love her – her past, her present and her future. Her before Katrina, her… Read More »

8/25/2015 | Read Story »

Expert: The Greater New Orleans region has flourished for economic development since Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina taught us many lessons. For those of us in economic development — charged with growing jobs and community… Read More »

8/25/2015 | Read Story »