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STAT: Greater New Orleans Leads Healthcare Job Growth In U.S.

NEW ORLEANS – A recent study conducted by website STAT, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of… Read More »

10/25/2017 | Read Story »

New Orleans #2 in “Favorite City in America” poll

New Orleans has been rated as the second ”Favorite City in America” and the rating comes from people who live… Read More »

10/23/2017 | Read Story »

Tulane, Southern law clinics offer entrepreneurs intellectual property help

One of the biggest obstacles for startups is protecting their intellectual property, or more accurately finding the money to hire… Read More »

10/22/2017 | Read Story »

Louisiana Congressional delegation united in skirmishes over National Flood Insurance Program

WASHINGTON — After a series of skirmishes over changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, Louisiana’s congressional delegation is showing… Read More »

10/15/2017 | Read Story »

Congress eyes $16 billion in debt relief for National Flood Insurance Program, without strings attached

WASHINGTON — A multi-part package of federal hurricane relief money hitting Congress this week will wipe away $16 billion in… Read More »

10/11/2017 | Read Story »

State Sen. Karen Peterson helps organize relief for Ponce, Puerto Rico

State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson returned home from a nine-day visit to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico with the goal of organizing… Read More »

10/8/2017 | Read Story »

Some in Louisiana point to costly drastic insurance policy changes in White House hurricane relief request

WASHINGTON — Several Louisiana lawmakers and interest groups are sounding the alarm over major changes to the National Flood Insurance… Read More »

10/5/2017 | Read Story »

Select Comfort Dedicates Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Support Center

Select Comfort dedicated the company’s new technical support contact center in the Elmwood area of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The new… Read More »

10/4/2017 | Read Story »