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GNO, Inc. hails opening of firm in Jefferson Parish

GNO, Inc. and Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission recruit Ballista Storm Systems to the New Orleans metropolitan area.

03/26/2010 | Read Story »

Folgers To Expand Plants in N.O. Area

Company announces $70 million investment in New Orleans region facilities.

03/25/2010 | Read Story »

Louisiana Lawmakers Back $80M for Economic Development

Proposal would use federal hurricane recovery money to fund economic development projects.

03/20/2010 | Read Story »

IndustryWeek: Post-Katrina, a Wave of Optimism Floods New Orleans

More than four years after Hurricane Katrina submerged 80% of New Orleans, the city may be on the precipice of yet another perfect storm.

03/18/2010 | Read Story »

Mayor-Elect Gets Down To Business

Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu introduced a 30-member citizen panel to help craft an economic development strategy for New Orleans.

03/03/2010 | Read Story »

Business Organizations Back N.O. Hospitals

A coalition of business organizations called for accelerated construction of the VA Medical Center and a new University Medical Center.

02/24/2010 | Read Story »

Jindal Plan Allows For Tuition Increases

The proposed GRAD Act would allow public universities to raise tution if they agree to certain performance metrics.

02/24/2010 | Read Story »

Obama Budget Nixes Key Michoud Rocket Launch Program

Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc., reacts to President Obama’s proposed NASA budget cuts on WWL TV.

02/21/2010 | Read Story »