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Jindal Plan Allows For Tuition Increases

The proposed GRAD Act would allow public universities to raise tution if they agree to certain performance metrics.

02/24/2010 | Read Story »

Obama Budget Nixes Key Michoud Rocket Launch Program

Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc., reacts to President Obama’s proposed NASA budget cuts on WWL TV.

02/21/2010 | Read Story »

Despite Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Opposition, Business Leaders Want High-Speed Rail Between Baton Rouge, New Orleans

Business leaders in both cities remain committed to possible high-speed rail service.

02/21/2010 | Read Story »

Saints’ Super Bowl Win Generates Positive Press For Greater New Orleans Region

Access a collection of media coverage pairing the Saints’ Super Bowl win with the resilience and recovery of Greater New Orleans.

02/11/2010 | Read Story »

Economic Development Officials Are Using The Super Bowl Spotlight To Rebrand Louisiana

Officials see the Saints’ Super Bowl debut as a powerful start to a long-term rebranding of Louisiana’s image.

02/05/2010 | Read Story »

CNN Video: 3-D Role in Building Up America

Anderson Cooper 360 features GNO, Inc., TurboSquid, the I.P. Building, and the revitalization of the Greater New Orleans region.

02/02/2010 | Read Story »

Louisiana Is Pulling Through National Recession With Little Pain

The Federal Reserve’s most recent “beige book” report on regional economic conditions confirms that Louisiana is emerging from the national recession relatively unscathed.

01/17/2010 | Read Story »

Louisiana Will Target Undeveloped Business Sectors in 2010, Moret Says

Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret sees emerging industries like digital media, fuel-efficient vehicle manufacturing, and water management as key drivers for state job growth in 2010.

01/14/2010 | Read Story »