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BP fine funds tied by politics

Optimism continued to wane Thursday for the fate of the federal transportation spending legislation that contains language that would direct several billion dollars in BP fine money to Louisiana and other Gulf states.

06/09/2012 | Read Story »

BP Gulf Spill Fines Could Turn Into Jobs Boon

The 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill may prove to be a jobs booster for the region, if money paid in damages is spent to restore the Gulf’s coast. That’s according to an independent study by Mather Economics.

06/08/2012 | Read Story »

Study: Job growth if BP fines used for coast

A study commissioned by two nonprofit groups says thousands of jobs would be created along the Gulf Coast if money from BP oil spill penalties and other sources were dedicated to coastal restoration.

06/07/2012 | Read Story »

New Orleans Hornets expected to have a bright future

After the Hornets won the NBA lottery Wednesday night, the phones at franchise headquarters started ringing.

05/31/2012 | Read Story »

Positive Buzz From Hornets Lottery Win

The New Orleans Hornets won the NBA lottery and now have the top pick in the draft.

05/31/2012 | Read Story »

Local Leaders Meet to Discuss Gulf Coast Restore Act

More than 100 leaders from throughout the Gulf region are sending a message to Senate and House leaders. They want lawmakers to pass legislation that could mean and economic boost and more jobs for coastal areas impacted by the BP oil spill.

05/29/2012 | Read Story »

New Orleans is fast becoming paradise for investors, entrepreneurs

“I’ve pretty much focused all our energy here because there’s so much opportunity,” Nagarajan said recently. “As far as I’m concerned, as an investor, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.”

05/27/2012 | Read Story »

Chairman calls Super-Region a ‘work in progress’

For the past two years, New Orleans businessman Roger Ogden has been the chairman of a group he thinks 90 percent of Louisiana residents have never heard of — the Southeast Super-Region.

05/25/2012 | Read Story »