Awards & Rankings

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NOLA #2 for Women’s Share of Tech Jobs

A new report from The Brookings Institution has determined that Greater New Orleans is #2 in the country for women’s… Read More »

January 22, 2018 | Read Story »

NOLA Named #1 Place to Go in the World 2018

The New York Times has named New Orleans as the #1 place to go in the world in 2018. Writes… Read More »

January 12, 2018 | Read Story »

GNO, Inc. & LED Win #2 “Deal of the Year” in America

GNO, Inc. and Louisiana Economic Development have been awarded the Silver Medal from Business Facilities magazine for the #2 “Deal… Read More »

January 5, 2018 | Read Story »

NOLA Named a “Best Place to Go” in the World in 2018

Frommer’s has named New Orleans a best destination to go to in the world in 2018, as one of 18… Read More »

December 20, 2017 | Read Story »

Millennials “Flocking to New Orleans in Droves”

Business Insider has named New Orleans to a list of 11 U.S. cities to which “millennials are flocking…in droves.” The… Read More »

December 5, 2017 | Read Story »

NOLA #4 Coolest City in America

New Orleans has been ranked the #4 on Forbes 2017 list of “America’s Coolest Cities.” To develop the list, Forbes… Read More »

October 31, 2017 | Read Story »

Greater New Orleans #1 for Healthcare Job Growth in USA

A recent study, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, has determined that Greater New… Read More »

October 25, 2017 | Read Story »

NOLA #2 Favorite City in America

New Orleans has been named “#2 Favorite City in America” in Travel + Leisure’s 2017 survey of locals about their… Read More »

October 23, 2017 | Read Story »