Workforce Development

GNO, Inc. recognizes that the economic growth our region and its businesses depends upon the strength of our qualified labor pipeline, which in turn depends upon the economic mobility of greater New Orleans residents.


In the Greater New Orleans region, GNO, Inc. serves as a workforce development intermediary, connecting employers to education and training providers to ensure their specific hiring needs are met through industry-influenced programming and curricula. GNO, Inc. seeks to build programs that support a sizeable, growing, and qualified workforce that is well-equipped to meet workforce demands.

The following programs exemplify GNO, Inc.’s commitment to and focus on Workforce Development.


Through research, analysis, and industry outreach, GNO, Inc. produces several signature products which shape the decision making of workforce development boards, Career Technical Education coordinators, community college partners, and four-year university leaders.

  • State of the Sector Reports: Workforce profile snapshots for major regional industries.
  • Course to Career Maps: Illustrated guides for students at two-year colleges outlining career options based on course availability. These large posters are hung within our region’s two-year schools to bolster the development of their students and ensure they enroll in the proper classes.
  • GNO Career Guides: Comprehensive toolkits for Career & Technology Education (CTE) administrators, career counselors, local and state agencies, and policy makers illustrating job opportunities in Energy, Environmental Management, Advanced Manufacturing, BioSciences, and Digital Media.
  • GNO, Inc. Analysis and Recommendations: Deep dives into industry growth and regional hiring trends to develop specific suggestions that will impact workforce development investments, curriculum offerings, and recruitment activities. These reports include the Analysis of Coastal Restoration Workforce Assets, Challenges, and Opportunities in South Louisiana and Sectoral Shift: An Unprecedented Opportunity in Water Management.


GNO, Inc. facilitates collaboration between educators, non-profits, and for-profit industry partners to create meaningful, demand-driven educational and training programs aligned with industry needs.

  • Career Fairs, Expos, and Job Shadowing: Partnering with Youth Force NOLA, Junior Achievement, and Delgado Community College to expose future workers to career options and opportunities.
  • GNOu: Connecting employer needs to program development and training at higher-ed institutions across the region.
  • New Orleans Regional Innovation Alliance: Engaging regional two-year colleges, four-year universities, and economic development partners to further the commercialization of research, workforce development, and regional brand.


GNO, Inc. maintains a Workforce Development platform on its annual Federal and State Legislative Agenda devoted to workforce enhancement and evolution in the region. 

Louisiana currently stands to create over 250,000 new jobs by 2025. To enable this growth, we must establish and enforce education and workforce success metrics, expand training and apprenticeship programs, and support sector partnerships that will help employers find the skilled workers they need to propel their businesses.