Public Policy

GNO, Inc. works to establish and preserve policies that create a more favorable, competitive, and reliable business climate in Greater New Orleans and drive long-term job growth and wealth creation for its citizens.

Healthy economic growth for our region is GNO, Inc.’s top priority. As such, we have developed a comprehensive set of recommendations designed to ensure that local policies support, rather than undermine, our current economic growth.

Each year, GNO, Inc. focuses on a select handful of policy initiatives in order to more effectively drive meaningful impact in the areas of highest priority. To that end, we have developed our 2020 State Legislative Priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Long-term, we have developed a set of recommendations span the following 12 policy areas:

Tax Reform – Individual and Corporate
Promoting a simple, fair, and efficient tax system that is easily understood as highly competitive.

Tax Reform – Sales and Property
Envisioning a more streamlined, consistent, and productive system for sales and property tax collection.

Budget Reform
Working to stabilize state and local budgets, while increasing flexibility and encouraging a more private-sector approach to prioritizing spending.

Economic Development
Supporting incentives that create permanent jobs and infrastructure and sustain economic growth momentum.

Higher Education
Fighting for autonomy and long-term funding for higher ed institutions while encouraging performance transparency and centers of excellence.

Implementing innovative and long-term workforce solutions to prepare for, sustain, and capitalize on the state’s significant projected economic growth.

Helping to identify new resources to support Louisiana’s transportation infrastructure and enhance its air connectivity.

Coastal Restoration and Resilience
Combatting coastal erosion to secure and stabilize our land, property, and way of life.

Retirement Reform
Rethinking the state’s retirement benefits system for longer-term viability and limited liability exposure.

Legal Reform
Working to restrict frivolous lawsuits against Louisiana employers to improve and safeguard the state’s positive business climate.

Criminal Justice
Supporting efforts to reduce incarceration rates, ensure fair sentencing, and support successful re-entry into Louisiana’s workforce.

Administrative Reform
Promoting proper vetting of legislation to ensure policy decisions are well-informed and accurately reflect a policy’s ROI.

Recent Public Policy Wins

GNO, Inc. has worked to both protect job-creating tax incentives and to implement measures aligned with its policy recommendations and priorities. This has led to numerous, notable achievements, including the following pieces of legislation signed into law by Governor John Bel Edwards:

Economic Development
Signature legislation to renew and improve the angel investor tax credit and to restore the R&D incentive for small businesses.

Coastal Restoration & Resilience
Passage of the 2017 Master Plan and 2018 Annual Plan for coastal restoration, along with legislation to expand the authority and outcome-based contracting of key coastal protection agencies.

Criminal Justice Reform
A compromise criminal justice reform package projected to reduce Louisiana’s prison population by 10% and save the state more than $250M over the next decade, with a majority of these savings to be reinvested into programs aimed at reducing crime and providing victim assistance.

Higher Education
Legislation to preserve fee autonomy for the higher education management board.

GNO, Inc. also works at the federal level to support and advance the following advocacy efforts:

  • National efforts to reauthorize and reform the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Pro-growth tax policies that alleviate burdens on small businesses and simplify tax administration and collections
  • Continued funding of the U.S. Economic Development Administration, which invests in local job creation
  • Pro-trade policies that support Louisiana’s robust export economy
  • Federal investments in Louisiana’s infrastructure, from our extensive port system and national energy infrastructure, to roadways, bridges, and high-speed rail
  • Policies that protect Southeast Louisiana’s military installations
  • Federal investments in Louisiana’s advanced manufacturing facilities
  • Policies that make Louisiana more resilient, including funding for coastal restoration

Public Policy Staff

Ileana Ledet
Vice President of Policy
t: 504-527-6951

Harrison Crabtree
Research and Policy Analyst
t: 504-527-6987