Brand Development

A major responsibility of any regional economic development organization is to market the region’s assets, positioning the area as an ideal place to live, grow a business, or start a family. GNO, Inc. has helped to drive and promote broad third-party recognition over the past two years, repositioning Southeast Louisiana as an outstanding place to live and work.

GNO, Inc. pursues an aggressive strategy of news media outreach, ensuring that regional and national outlets are telling the true story of the economic progress occurring in Greater New Orleans.

In the past year alone, GNO, Inc.’s efforts and the progress of the region have earned praise from Area Development, Business Facilities, Forbes, Inc. magazine, Site Selection, Southern Business & Development, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and other business and economic development publications.

Meanwhile, GNO, Inc. has participated in—and led—statewide efforts to make permanent the lucrative tax incentives and unparalleled workforce programs that continue to support existing Louisiana businesses and to garner increasing levels of interest from companies and entrepreneurs outside of the state.

For Greater New Orleans, recent improvements to the business climate and the regional brand have led to many changing perceptions nationally—but there is still work to be done.

Every two years, Greater New Orleans, Inc. performs a public perception study to gauge impressions of the business climate in the region. The two most recent reports can be found a GNO, Inc. plans to perform its next public perception study in Q4 of 2014.