GNOpivot is an initiative to help regional companies move to “war footing,” wherein they pivot their standard operations in order to make products or provide services in demand for the fight against the coronavirus. If successful, GNOpivot will help Louisiana “flatten the curve” of viral infections, and will also help sustain the Greater New Orleans economy.

Example Pivots
Some companies are already making this pivot. Examples include:

  • Liquor and Beer            →        Hand Sanitizer
  • Clothing                        →        Masks and Gowns
  • 3D Printing                   →        PPE (Personal Protective

GNOpivot Marketplace
As our region reopens for business, companies are in need of products and services to protect their workers and customer. The GNOpivot Marketplace is an online platform for purchasing PPE, signage, digital services and more. The full catalog of products can be accessed at