Environmental Management

An emerging sector in the Greater New Orleans region, environmental management seeks to develop products and services that help both companies and their communities manage and profit from environmental challenges. Though Greater New Orleans is certainly not the only region in the world facing heightened threats from climate change, its experience, citizen and workforce engagement, and leadership commitment together present a unique opportunity to develop and export expertise in energy, waste, and water management.

The environmental management industry in the Greater New Orleans region benefits from the following regional assets:

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana acts as a single state entity with authority to focus development and implementation efforts for comprehensive coastal protection for Louisiana. The CPRA works with federal, state, and local governments and leverages the expertise and resources of various state agencies to establish a safe and sustainable coast that will protect local communities, the nation’s critical energy infrastructure, and the region’s bountiful natural resources.

Developed in 2017 by the CPRA, the Coastal Master Plan sets an ambitious path to respond to the loss of Louisiana’s coastal land and the threats from storm surge events. It includes a list of projects that build or maintain land and reduce risk to local communities, and it identifies a long-term program of construction, operations and maintenance, and adaptive management.

The Urban Water Plan—developed by GNO, Inc. in partnership with local and international experts, neighborhood groups, and civic leaders—establishes a long-term vision for 21st-century urban water management, with a focus on mitigating flooding and subsidence threats while creating economic value and enhancing quality of life.

The 2012 RESTORE Act dedicates 80 percent of all administrative and civil penalties related to the Deepwater Horizon spill to a Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund (Trust Fund). These grant funds are available to organizations and initiatives working to restore and protect the natural resources, ecosystems, and economies of the Gulf Coast region.

Environmental management businesses in the region also benefit from world-class incentive programs, including:

Provides a cash rebate to companies that create well-paid jobs and promote economic development, including up to a 6% rebate of annual gross payroll for new direct jobs for up to 10 years and a state sales/use rebate on capital expenditures.

The following environmental management companies have found infrastructure, support, talent, and success in the Greater New Orleans region:

United States Army Corps of Engineers
Weeks Marine
CH2M Hill
T. Baker Smith
Duplantis Design Group
HDR Inc.
C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates
Royal Engineers and Consultants
Digital Engineering
Providence Engineering
GEC, Inc
GCR Inc.

To learn more about Environmental Management in the Greater New Orleans region, please contact:

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