New Orleans ranked among the top 10 ‘Best Cities in the World’

Travel + Leisure Magazine is praising New Orleans once again.

The August issue, due out this Friday, ranks New Orleans as the second best destination city in the country, and the 7th best in the world.

Mark Romig, President and CEO of New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, says the city’s rating by the travel authority is impressive, to say the least.

“To have, not only the ranking that we have in the U.S., which is #2 next to our good friends in Charleston, but to be ranked #7 in the world is pretty amazing.”

But, he also says it’s well-deserved.

“It is such a salute to the men and woman in the industry who, day in and day out, provide what we believe to be the #1 hospitality service to visitors.”

“People have come to enjoy New Orleans and have come to know that it is consistent in its delivery of the finest in culinary, architecture, culture…the general sense that New Orleans is, we believe, the most unique city in the United States,” says Romig.

And, U.S. News and World Report says it’s affordable…writing that, “New Orleans offers visitors a culturally rich getaway with rates that are much tamer than the city’s reputation.”

Romig agrees. “New Orleans has become very affordable to all pocketbooks,” he says. “We have hotels, restaurants and attractions that fit all price points and all levels of spending.”

In fact, U.S. News says New Orleans is a better value than Charleston in its ranking of ‘Best Affordable Destinations in the USA’.

Says U.S. News and World Report, “New Orleans offers visitors a culturally rich getaway with rates that are much tamer than the city’s reputation. Budget hotels are housed in historical buildings and eateries serve spicy portions of Cajun cuisine at reasonable prices. Just avoid Mardi Gras if you’re not looking to splurge.”

That’s something that Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc., is happy to point out.

“The fact that New Orleans is the 4th most affordable best destination in the country is important for people to know. They can save their money, but maximize their experience coming to New Orleans. That’s a message that we need to get out,” says Hecht.

“Charleston is fine competition. And, whether they’re #1 we’re #2 or we’re #1 and they’re #2…there are outstanding cities in America. But the fact is, that, in terms of bang for your buck, there’s very few that outpace New Orleans.”

You can read the full article here.