New Orleans #2 in “Favorite City in America” poll

New Orleans has been rated as the second ”Favorite City in America” and the rating comes from people who live here.

The magazine poll took a different tact in the survey by not asking visitors what they think.

Michael Hecht, President of GNO INC. explains what they found.

“For this ranking, Travel and Leisure surveyed over 50,000 votes and asked people about their hometown, the place they know better than anywhere else,” Hecht explained. “According to folks from New Orleans, they love New Orleans, we’re number two in the entire country.”

Norfolk, Virginia came in at number one.

Hecht says this kind of ranking really helps when they are trying to recruit companies to come here.

“When we’re selling New Orleans to people around the world, we talk about our low cost, we talk about our rich culture, but we also talk about our connection and I don’t think there’s anywhere in North America where more people are connected to the soil and connected to the place,” he said.

The highest rankings for New Orleans came in festivals and dining.

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