How can New Orleanians connect to tech jobs?: Letter

Torsh CEO Courtney Williams’ letter titled “Dear New Orleans graduates, tech companies want to hire you” is right on-point. We have a double opportunity: if we can prepare enough local talent for our surging technology community (just ranked No. 1 fastest-growing in the United States), then we will both sustain this growth and help rebuild a diverse middle class in New Orleans. Of course, the converse is also true. While we need to do more, we are beginning to make real headway.

GNO Inc. has three key initiatives we have just launched to specifically address this need:

Workforce Needs Survey – This week, our Digital Media Alliance (currently chaired by Barrett Conrad of CotingaSoft) is sending out a technology workforce needs survey to the local community, so we can have specific employer demand data to feed back to our higher education, K-12 and alternative provider partners.

Human Capital Manager – GNO Inc. has hired an individual 100 percent dedicated to making the regional labor market deeper and more efficient. Our new human capital manager works on a daily basis to connect workers to jobs (including via, as well as to address quality-of-life issues.

GNOu – Based on the success of the GE Digital / UNO apprenticeship program, we have established “GNOu.” GNOu is working with local companies to set up customized training programs at regional public and private two- and four-year universities. Folks should contact GNO Inc. if they are interested in GNOu for their company

Technology represents one of the best ways to diversify our economy, and provide opportunity for our citizens. It is up to us to secure this win-win for Greater New Orleans.

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