Vol. 4: Greater New Orleans Reality Check

Greater New Orleans Reality Check

This is our reality. It is up to us. If we stay engaged, if we stay energized, if we demand the best from our leaders, if we push our plans beyond placards to execution, then we can create a vibrant, diverse city, with a high-quality of life, good jobs, and a stable middle class – a city where not only we will stay, but our children will stay, and raise their families.

This will not be easy. It will not occur over night. But the reality is that we have everything we need, here today, to be a great city of the future.

  • We have the nation’s most integrated international trade assets, such as six-class A railroads, excellent highway access and a location at the mouth of the Mississippi, that are unmatched anywhere in the country.
  • Our port system, taken from Plaquemines to Baton Rouge, is one of the largest in the world and serves the largest population base within 600 miles: 76 million people.
  • We have 88% of the nation’s oil rigs off our coast, and the number producer of crude oil and the number two producer of natural gas. We are America’s energy coast.
  • Every single manned flight that has gone into space since Apollo has done so with a massive fuel tank built in one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world, right here at Michoud.
  • We are now the center of the third largest film producing region in the country, behind only Hollywood and New York.
  • We have a collection of colleges and universities that is as good, in quantity and quality, as that of any city of comparable size in our country.
  • Here you can find a sense of place, a value for dollar, and an overall quality of life that city planners have discussed since Jane Jacobs but few actual cities can offer.
  • The reality of the New Orleans region is that in an increasingly homogenous world, it increasing shines as a unique beacon of culture.
  • The reality of New Orleans is that 94% of the region is above sea level.
  • The technology exists to restore our wetlands and protect the rest of the city that is below sea level.
  • 91% of the regional population is back.
  • 87.5% of our regional workforce is back.
  • Tulane saw a 180% increase in applications since the storm.
  • We are experiencing a level of civic and business engagement that hasn’t been seen in decades.
  • We are embarking on one of the most ambitious educational reform programs in the history of our nation.
  • While the rest of the country is reeling from a massive financial crisis, we are relatively protected by billions of recovery dollars, high oil and gas prices, and record-breaking exports.
  • While the rest of the country has seen foreclosure filings skyrocket, Louisiana ranks in the bottom 10, with 1 in 2985 homes filing for foreclosure (California and Nevada are the worst with 1 in 224 households).

We are living through a three-act play: the first act was decades of slow decline, then the second act was the tragedy of Katrina, and the third act, if we seize this moment to take advantage of everything here, can indeed be one of redemption.

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