2014 Year-in-Review: The New Normal

2014 was an extraordinary year for our region, particularly in that it was the year that the “extraordinary” began to feel normal.

In business development, we saw historic companies like Chiquita and International Shipholding return to Greater New Orleans. We welcomed new firms, like Yuhuang Chemical, the first-ever mainland Chinese investment in Louisiana. We saw startups, like Renaissance Rx, blossom into powerful job-creators. And we saw our new sectors continue to lead the country in development, with the year-end addition of High Voltage Software from Chicago. And while all of this growth was welcomed, it was not unexpected given our pipeline.

In public policy, we wrote new legislation for Louisiana, expanding TOPS to industry-based training providers. Moreover, we led new legislation for the country, with bi-partisan, bi-cameral passage of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act – despite the most gridlocked congress in history – protecting all of coastal America from devastating rate hikes.

To address the preeminent issue of worker availability, we launched a multi-prong strategy to create a demand-driven workforce. To ensure critical RESTORE funds are well spent, we developed the Coalition for Coastal Resilience and Economy. And our regional success was profiled in over 500 media articles, including national publications like Time and Forbes.

All of this, and more, was possible due to the collaboration and effort of our partners across Greater New Orleans. Together, we are making top-tier performance the new normal.

Looking to 2015, our opportunity for continued success is clear – few places are blessed with our combination of assets and culture. But we must remember this: our gains are fragile. The nation-leading performance of the past five years is real, but it is not yet institutionalized.

Now, more than ever, is the time for us to double-down on the urgency and alignment that has taken us so far, so fast. If we remain energized and united, 2015 will certainly be the extraordinary year we have all come to expect.

Thank you for your support.


President and CEO

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