New Orleans to Welcome Serbian Prime Minister

NEW ORLEANS, La. — Today, Greater New Orleans, Inc. welcomed a delegation of Serbian leaders, including Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, to New Orleans. The delegation is visiting to explore opportunities for trade and pursue deeper relationships with several key industries thriving in Southeast Louisiana, including energy, mining and technology.

Further, PM Dačić is in New Orleans to commemorate the special relationship between Serbia and the United States, dating from what is known as the “Halyard Mission” of World War II, wherein over 1,150 downed American airmen were rescued from German-occupied territories with the help of the Serbians.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the State of Louisiana and the great city of New Orleans for the opportunity to present the economic and investment benefits of Serbia,” Prime Minister Ivica Dačić. I hope that this visit is just the first step in future cooperation and long term relationship between Serbia and Louisiana.”

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Prime Minister Dacic and the esteemed delegation from Serbia, representing a US ally of both World War I and II with special remembrance of a historic joint effort in World War II to save American pilots downed flying over Serbian territory,” said Gregory Rusovich, Honorary Consul to Serbia for Louisiana. “Our region is also keenly interested in further developing joint economic ties and opportunities particularly in the mining, energy and IT sectors.”

The itinerary for the vital trade mission will include an economic development luncheon, focusing on mining, energy and IT; a visit to the World War II Museum to consider the development of an exhibit memorializing Operation Halyard; and additional meetings with key political, business and civic leaders. The delegation is visiting at the invitation of Gregory Rusovich, the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Serbia in Louisiana.

“I am pleased to welcome Prime Minister Dačić and the entire Serbian delegation to New Orleans,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. “Opportunities for collaboration between Serbia and Louisiana are rich, and I look forward to a growing a mutually beneficial relationship with the Serbian community.”

Prime Minister Dačić has been the Prime Minister of the democratic Serbian government since July 2012. From 2008 to July 2012 he served as First Deputy Prime Minister, as well as Minister of Internal Affairs. Dačić has worked as a reformer in Serbia, and has proclaimed a pro-EU path for the nation.

Serbia is a member of the UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, PfP, BSEC, and CEFTA. It is also an official candidate for membership in the European Union, has entered the EU accession talks procedure, and is a neutral country. Serbia is an upper-middle income economy, which has made the largest progress in the region in terms of overall democracy scores and overall democratic, economic, and governance transformation.



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