GNO, Inc. Awarded for Work with UNO on Coastal Certificates

NEW ORLEANS – The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) has awarded GNO, Inc. the 2015 Innovation Award for the coordination and development of the University of New Orleans (UNO) Coastal Engineering and Sciences (CEAS) graduate certificate program. The NADO Innovation Award honors significant advances in community and economic development, including work in workforce development.

“Greater New Orleans is turning one of its greatest challenges – stabilizing the coast – into one of its greatest strengths,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. “As we proceed with restoring our own coastline and dealing with rising seas, communities from around the world will seek our services to solve their own water challenges. The UNO Coastal Engineering and Science Certificate Program makes Greater New Orleans a destination for targeted workforce training and education for coastal restoration and water management.”

“GNO, Inc. demonstrated to the University that there was intense regional interest in a certificate program in coastal engineering and coastal sciences,” said Emir José Macari, dean of the College of Engineering and interim director for research at the University of New Orleans. “Through the program, we are now able to share our deep expertise in these critically important areas with a new population of learners.”

In August 2014, GNO, Inc. and UNO announced the establishment of the CEAS graduate certificate program, which was created in response to the rapidly growing demand for workers in the field of coastal delta engineering and sciences in the region. UNO began offering these courses in Spring 2015. The classes have drawn both locals to the classroom and professionals from around the world globally who complete coursework on an online platform.

GNO, Inc. anticipates that the water sector will create 12,000 new jobs over the next 4 years. These jobs will range from civil engineers, construction managers, and computer programmers who can model water and sediment flows, to essential skilled craftsmen and women including carpenters, welders, and pile-driver operators.

About Greater New Orleans, Inc.
GNO, Inc. is the regional economic development organization for Southeast Louisiana.  The GNO, Inc. Mission is to create jobs and wealth in the Greater New Orleans community.  The GNO, Inc. Vision is for the Greater New Orleans region to fulfill its potential as one of the best places in the country to grow a company, and raise a family.

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