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Oilfield companies damaged by drilling ban and permit delays, new report says

Small oilfield companies and their employees took the biggest hit during the six-month drilling ban that followed the 2010 BP oil spill, according to a report released Monday.

01/30/2012 | Read Story »

New Orleans ranked in the 2011 Best Cities for Families by Parenting Magazine

The top-ranked American cities to live and raise a family based on great schools, affordable homes, low crime rates, jobs, and parkland.

01/04/2012 | Read Story »

In Katrina’s Wake, New Orleans Enjoys Startup Boom

Venture capital has long been the missing piece in the economy here. But even that’s changing, as new angel investors look to fund nontraditional companies.

12/29/2011 | Read Story »

2011: Year in Review

2011 was a remarkable year for Greater New Orleans, capped by being named the fastest improving economy in the United… Read More »

12/28/2011 | Read Story »

Silicon Valley in the bayou? New Orleans hopes so

Although the recession certainly took hold in New Orleans, it did not cripple the economic forces there as national philanthropies and federal and state dollars delivered direct assistance to revitalize neighborhoods, improve schools, rebuild libraries and streets and create new models for charter school education and neighborhood health care clinics

12/21/2011 | Read Story »

The secret to New Orleans’ “Best Cities for Business” ranking

New Orleans experienced a one-of-a-kind rise in MarketWatch’s Best Cities for Business for 2011.

12/19/2011 | Read Story »

Return to Gulf: Big Oil Grabs Leases

The oil-and-gas industry took another step from the shadows of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on Wednesday when federal officials unsealed more than $330 million in winning bids for drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico, the first offered there since the deadly April 2010 accident.

12/15/2011 | Read Story »