NOLA #10 City That Millennials Can Afford — and Actually Want to Live In

The Penny Hoarder has developed a definitive list of the top 25 coolest and most affordable cities for millennials. It’s based on a rigorous analysis of housing and local price data, economic statistics and a Coffee Fanatic Score.

These are cities where young people crippled with student loan debt can find work and afford a one-bedroom apartment, but also find a new brewery or wine bar on weekends. Their millennial populations are growing — or already sizable — and they tend to be better for walking or biking to work.
1. St. Louis
2. Grand Rapids, Michigan
3. Indianapolis
4. Columbus, Ohio
5. Pittsburgh
6. Colorado Springs
7. Nashville
8. Boulder
9. San Antonio
10. New Orleans

Affordability Rank: 15
Millennial Happiness Rank: 2
Economy Health Rank: 17
Things to do: When it comes to the Big Easy, it may be easier to just have a list of things not to do. But locals know Coliseum Square and the Lower Garden District is the place to be for young folks. The Freret Market is a can’t-miss destination. Shop at boutiques, gawk at the Greek Revival mansions, grab brunch in the morning or a couple of beers at night. The world is your oyster… er, crawfish.

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