New Orleans Ranks #7 for Economic Environment Since the Great Recession

In a new multi-variable study, financial website WalletHub has named Greater New Orleans #7 in the USA for Economic Environment since the Great Recession, out of 150 regions in America. To calculate this ranking, WalletHub considered a number of variables, including:

  • Median Home Price Appreciation
  • Foreclosure Rate Decrease
  • Poverty Rate Decrease
  • Public Assistance Rate Decrease
  • Population Growth Rate Increase
  • Uninsured Rate Decrease
  • Bankruptcy Rate Decrease
  • Number of Businesses Growth
  • Average Experian Vantage Credit Score Increase
  • Consumer Non-Housing Debt Decrease
  • Violent Crime Rate Decrease
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • Opportunity to Start a Business Ranking
  • Municipality Bankruptcy

Overall, New Orleans was ranked #15 of 150 for Best Performance since the Recession.

You can see the entire study, including methodology, here.