New Orleans is #2 South for large economic development wins over the past two decades (1994 – 2013)

In a recent analysis, Southern Business & Development has determined that Greater New Orleans is #2 in the U.S. South for large (>200 job) economic development wins over the past two decades (1994 – 2013).  While it is notable that GNO is second only to Charlotte over this time period, what is more remarkable, per publisher Mike Randle, is that Greater New Orleans had virtually no wins in the period before Hurricane Katrina, nor for three years after – meaning that nearly all of this performance has been concentrated in only the past five years. 

Ron Starner, of Site Selection magazine, commented:  “You are on a roll that is completely unprecedented in American history.”

You can see the entire report here.

The ranking of Major Markets (750K – 2.5M pp) over the past 20 Years is


1.           Charlotte, NC

2.             New Orleans, LA

3.             Baton Rouge, LA

4.             Memphis, TN

5.             Orlando, FL

6.             Raleigh-Durham, NC

7.             San Antonio, TX

8.             Austin, TX

9.            Hampton Roads, VA

10.         Nashville, TN

11.         Jacksonville, FL

12.         Richmond, VA

13.         Kansas City, MO

14.         Oklahoma City

15.         Greenville-Spartanburg

16.         Triad, NC

17.         Birmingham, AL

18.         Norfolk/Newport News/Va. Beach

19.         Tulsa, OK