Multiple Top 5 Rankings for Louisiana

In a recent issue of Area Development, Louisiana scored an impressive range of rankings in the Top 5 in the USA:

  • #2 in the USA for Incentive Programs
  • #2 in the USA for “Renewed Consideration Post-Recession”
  • #3 in the USA for Overall Business Environment
  • #3 in the USA for Favorable Regulatory Environment
  • #4 in the USA for Speed of Permitting
  • #4 in the USA for Most Cooperative State Government
  • #4 in the USA for Overall Cost of Doing Business

Says Area Development:  “From the Port of New Orleans to the manufacturing facilities of the Shreveport area, Louisiana has been experiencing tremendous economic growth at a time when much of the nation has remained stagnant.  Manufacturing, energy, transportation, and agribusiness continue to lead the state’s economy, while software development and biotech are blossoming into important sectors.  Louisiana has made impressive strides in recent years to create – according to Area Development’s recent survey of location consultants (2013 Top States for Doing Business) – one of the most business-friendly environments in the nation.”