Greater New Orleans Ranks #1 for the Decade

Greater New Orleans has had more major business development wins than anywhere else in the South over the past decade.  In the latest issue of Southern Business & Development, editor Mike Randle writes that “New Orleans has undoubtedly diversified its economy.  It’s a hot place.  In fact, it is so hot that it leads all markets in the South…”  Randle attributes this success to a combination of better management, post-Katrina revitalization, and the serendipity of affordable natural gas (the last of which is lifting not just New Orleans, but the entire Gulf Coast).  It is worthy of note that Super-Regional partner Baton Rouge is #2, right behind New Orleans, and that six of the top ten markets are in Louisiana and Texas.

The full editorial is attached, and the Top 20 markets are below:

Top Southern Investment Markets 2003 – 2012

Market                                                                  # Projects

  1. New Orleans, LA                                                 55
  2. Baton Rouge, LA                                                 54
  3. Houston, TX                                                        36
  4. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX                                        25
  5. Lake Charles, LA                                                24
  6. San Antonio, TX                                                 19
  7. Memphis, TN                                                     15
  8. Austin, TX                                                          14
  9. Decatur, AL                                                       14
  10. Louisville, KY                                                     13
  11. Corpus Christi, TX                                            12
  12. Kansas City, MO                                 12
  13. Charlotte, NC                                      11
  14. Greenville, SC                                      10
  15. Marshall, WVA                                    10
  16. N. Virginia                                                            10
  17. Mobile, AL                                                            9
  18. Nashville, TN                                       9
  19. Port Arthur, TX                                    9
  20. Atlanta, GA                                                          8