Southeast Super-Region Committee


About the Committee

The Southeast Super-Region Committee [SRC], founded in 2009, is an unprecedented partnership between the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Greater New Orleans, Inc., and the South Louisiana Economic Council that works to foster cooperation for mutual economic benefit across southeast Louisiana. The SRC focuses on issues that are super-regional in nature, and are more effectively addressed together. Current issues include:

  • Improving transportation infrastructure, including support of passenger rail between New Orleans and Baton Rouge
  • Development of the water sector, with a focus on cross-regional alignment and cohesion
  • Development of the biosciences & healthcare sector, with a focus on underutilized assets across the super region
  • Branding and marketing the super-region as a major metro area that is economically competitive on a global scale

In October 2012, the SRC was awarded a gold medal from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) for “Regionalism and Cross-border Collaboration.”

The Mission of the Southeast Super-Region Committee is to foster cooperation for mutual economic benefit between Baton Rouge, Greater New Orleans and the Bayou Region.

The Vision of the SRC is for southeast Louisiana to function and grow as a coherent economic unit, competitive with similar super-regions across the country.

Every 18 months [approximately], the Southeast Super-Region embarks upon a Canvas Workshop to another major metro area with a delegation of about 150 business and community leaders from all three regions to learn best practices in economic growth and development. The initiative focuses on critical economic issues which other super-regions have demonstrated significant progress such as super-regionalism, digital media, healthcare, crime, transportation infrastructure, and international trade.

Prior workshops were facilitated in Phoenix-Tucson and Tampa-Orlando. In 2016, the SRC will lead its first international Canvas Workshop in Panama City, Panama.

Download the Southeast Super-Region Committee Pamphlet.