Restoration Tax Abatement


The Restoration Tax Abatement, or RTA, program provides an up to ten-year abatement of ad valorem property taxes on the renovations and improvements of existing commercial structures and owner-occupied residences.

  • Five-year contract; option for a five-year renewal with local governing authority approval.


This incentive is open to all Louisiana businesses and homeowners with existing structures to be expanded, restored, improved or developed in qualifying locations, and as approved by the local governing authority.

If property taxes have been paid on the improvements a business or homeowner is not eligible to apply for the exemption.

Qualifying locations for properties include:

  • Economic Development Districts*
  • Downtown Development Districts
  • Historic Districts (includes properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places)

*Different from Enterprise Zones and Economic Development Zones

Eligible expenses:

  • Building and materials
  • Machinery and equipment (only that which becomes an integral part of the structure)
  • Labor and engineering

Non-eligible expenses:

  • Acquisition cost of the structure or land
  • Movable and personal property

Program Statutes & Rules:

All incentive program rules are in the Louisiana Administrative Code maintained by the Office of the State Register.

How to Apply

First, a commercial property owner or homeowner must submit an Advance Notification and pay the filing fee online before construction begins.

You may submit your Advance Notification, Application and fees online using FastLane. If you have appointed a representative other than a company official as your contact designee, a Disclosure Authorization is required.

View fees associated with this incentive.

To determine if the overall tax benefit is greater than the cost to participate in this program, contact your assessor for approximate annual tax savings for the proposed investment in your property.

This program is administered by Louisiana Economic Development through the Board of Commerce & Industry.

For information regarding the Restoration Tax Abatement program, contact the program administrator:

Becky Lambert